Tom Kozacinski

Speaking and Talks

As someone who enjoys contributing to the community and sharing my knowledge and experiences, I have been fortunate enough to have travelled across the world over the last ten years, from South Africa to Siberia, to deliver numerous talks and workshops on a range of subjects.

From Customer and User Experience to Product Design and Freelancing, I have had the pleasure of sharing my insights and expertise with audiences of all backgrounds. Thanks to my eighteen years of Stand Up Comedy experience, the workshops have always been as educational as they are entertaining.

Some of the conferences I was invited to

Through my talks and workshops, I aim to inspire and motivate others to pursue their passions and achieve their goals. Whether it’s sharing insights on design, and product development, or discussing the challenges and rewards of freelancing, I strive to empower my audience with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

But my talks are not just about delivering information – they are about connecting with others and building a community. I believe that true growth and innovation can only come from collaboration and mutual support, and I am always eager to engage with others and learn from their experiences.

Check out some of my talks

Outside of industry events, I also have a passion for helping students and young professionals grow in their careers. I’m often invited to speak at universities to share my insights and experiences on what it takes to make it in the fast-paced world of IT and design.

With over 18 years of experience, I am a wealth of knowledge when it comes to freelancing, entrepreneurship, and breaking into the industry. I am committed to providing students with practical advice and actionable strategies that they can apply to their own careers.

Selected talks

Inspirational TEDx talk that takes into account a lifetime of freelancing, trading time for money and how we can achieve meaning in life now without sacrificing what is imporant.

How to go from race to the bottom to working with clients you want on rates you deserve. A practical approach to building high value career.

How much has the porn industry shaped and advanced the development of technology through history? How is it shaping it today?

Discover what can we learn from the User Experience of adult websites to better tailor the UX of our apps and products, and what does the future of pr0n hold?

Digital products that skip on research, validation and design function in their development and don’t embed best UX practices in their process, regardless of their DevOps methodologies are often doomed to accumulate technical debt that will result with bad customer experience, loss of income and eventual failure.

This talk is aimed at everyone who is not a designer, at all levels of software development company, with a goal to show that design is much more than just UI, and how including your designer at an early stage of development process, with focus on end user, greatly influences the final outcome, reduces development time to market by helping developers to write code only once, and helping them before they type in “hello world”.

Should you be a freelancer?

Growing and managing two parallel careers. What is it actually like to work for most terrible boss ever – yourself?

In this talk Tomislav speaks about growing as professional freelancer, shares all the good and the bad from his experience. How he does it, and is it all worth it.

How education combined with entertainment generates better feedback with audience as well as clients. Goal of this talk is to help people grow beyond their fear of public speaking and benefits they can have from stage time.

Demand within the web design scene has changed over the past few years: designers with front-end skills, and front-end developers with design skills, are more and more in demand. Should designers code, and pros and cons of being a designer that knows to code.

Introduction to prototyping and design sprints. Using pen and paper and gathering early feedback from tests. I talk about initial design process. From idea, sketch, to preparing assets and developer documentation.

Selected previous experience

TEDx Zagreb “Value of Life per Hour”
LEAP Summit “6 Figure Freelancing”
Google Dev Conference, Novosibirsk “No bulls*it Freelancer”
Design Museum, London “Integrating web into your business.”
.deBug “Companies without designers are building a catastrophe”
WordCamp, Zagreb “Freelancer’s Cheat Sheet”
Pycon, Belgrade “Rockstar Ninja Power Ranger”
Communication Days, Rovinj “Future of work”
Weblica, Čakovec “No Bulls*it freelancer”
Toptal Speakers Conference “Being Funny for Money”
HUB385 Academy UX Bootcamp
Drupal Heart, Zagreb “No Bulls*it freelancer”
UX South Africa, Johannesburg “NSFW UX”
WebCamp Croatia, Zagreb “Your Designer is not your slut!”
CSS Slovenia, Ljubljana “Thinking as a user”
Design Week Croatia, Zagreb “NSFW UX”
WordPress Meetup, Zagreb “Rock Star Ninja Power Ranger”


Tomislav Kozacinski • London based Product Designer