Involved in the product from start to finish*

*Even though I am not necessarily working on every aspect of the project, I give my best to communicate clearly how product comes together to every member of my team.


I am a firm believer in written word when it comes to digital products. If it's not written - It shall not be done!


From pen and paper and wire-frames to clickable demos. Rapid prototyping is a key step.


Regardless of style - primary goal of my design is to solve problems and communicate clearly with the user.


I love hands on research and highly value user feedback when it comes to building a product that just works.

SCRUM / Agile

I prefer working in versatile teams that are able to solve problems quickly and iterate with ease.

Importance of Rapid Prototyping

...and why I love pen and paper approach.

Using only pen and paper, I am able to quickly produce prototypes of features and sometimes of entire product that can be easily tested with users. This approach helps us to identify possible problems in early stage of product development, saving us production time and resources.

From Mock-ups to Pixel Perfect Designs

Test, design, re-test, improve!

Once wireframes are complete, I will use Low Fidelity Mock-ups - an excellent tool for testing various configurations of information architecture and layout, to quickly test usability with team members and users to improve on the experience and usability of the product before designing begins.

Skills & Selected works from my portfolio

Even though I started as graphic designer, I've learned so much along the way. My career maybe started in print and graphic design industry but in over twelve years it has expanded from branding, web design, front end development, user experience, interactions and interfaces to sharing my experience and making ideas come to life as published software.

Areas of Expertise

NDA NOTICE! Part of my work is still under NDA and it can not be publicly displayed. Feel free to Contact me for more details.
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  • App designs (selection)

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