Tom Kozacinski

Nearly two decades of experience

Vision-oriented product design leader who places a strong emphasis on communication & collaboration.

Communication is a top priority for me, both within my team and with external stakeholders. I am able to communicate my ideas and vision clearly and effectively across the board.

Empathy is a key strength of mine, and I prioritize user-centric design, taking the time to understand the needs of the end-users and align them with business goals and across all internal teams.



I am unable to share details about some of my past projects because they are under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) contracts and are of a B2B (Business-to-Business) nature. These contracts require me to maintain confidentiality about the project details, including the client's identity, project goals, and project outcomes. Book a free discovery call and I'll be happy to discuss my process and share my case studies with you.

Product Design Lead

I led the design for an AI-powered claims automation product for the insurance industry at Sprout AI, collaborating with data scientists to understand AI capabilities, creating user-friendly designs for the product, developing design systems for multiple products, and working cross-functionally with engineering, data science, and project management to ensure successful product development and launch.

Product Design Consultant

I helped build an end-to-end multi-sided product development marketplace that consolidates the entire production cycle. The solution went on to secure successful series A funding.

As a lead product designer, I brought expertise in UX design and research, working with junior designers to deliver a design system, and with the entire development team to ensure project success.

Founder, Creative Director

Socratly is an app for building your “Personal Board of Directors”, your unbiased peer mentorship group that helps and advises you on your career path and life journey.

Some of the clients I've worked with

Tomislav Kozacinski • London based Product Designer