I enjoy contributing to the community and I am looking forward to speaking opportunities.

Over the last five years I gave numerous talks on variety of subjects ranging from User Experience, Product Design and Freelancing. Coupled with my twelve years of Stand Up Comedy experience and stage time reception was overwhelmingly positive and oftentimes workshops ended up educational as well as fun.

Organising a conference? And would like me to give one of my talks, do a workshop or prepare a new one with strong emphasis on freelancing, Web design, UX / UI / product design, experience in the industry? Let me know.

List of some of my favourite talks

1No Bulls*it freelancer
Growing and managing two parallel careers. What is it actually like to work for most terrible boss ever - yourself? In this talk I aim to help people to decide about freelancing career. I talk about growing as professional and share all the good and the bad from my experience from low point of being broke as hell - bunch of stuff in between - to sleep deprived and not seeing your family for weeks - and is it all worth it.
2Your designer is not your slut
It's about how product managers and developers perceive their designer or design team - and what they can do to help each other better understand one another and communicate more effectively and in turn save time and money.
3Being funny for money
How education combined with entertainment generates better feedback with audience as well as clients. Goal of this talk is to help people grow beyond their fear of public speaking and benefits they can have from stage time.
NSFW UX - is a collaborative talk by Aleks Curac Saric and Tomislav Kozačinski, both professional comedians as well as designers, about how porn sites, mainly Pornhub and Tumblr, change and adapt their design to their members and (more than frequent) visitors, tailor the experience to cater the user needs and some related statistics as well.
5Rock Star Ninja Power Ranger (and how to be one)
Demand within the web design scene has changed over the past few years: designers with front-end skills, and front-end developers with design skills, are more and more in demand. Should designers code, and pros and cons of being a designer that knows to code.
6Prototyping on paper
Introduction to prototyping and design sprints. Using pen and paper and gathering early feedback from tests. I talk about initial design process. From idea, sketch, to preparing assets and developer documentation.
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