My Bio and Process

W ith over 11 years of freelancing experience, I've been involved in all types of projects. I started out in print and transitioned to web where I kicked some serious HTML and CSS butt for some time. As smart phones came to play I switched my focus to mobile apps, and lately I've been working on B2B and SaaS web and mobile apps and managing digital products as a User Experience designer and creative team lead.

As a part of Toptal community in the last three years I had an opportunity to work with clients from all over the world on challenging and interesting projects and products.

Combined with my 10 years of Stand Up Comedy stage experience - being a freelancer gives me the chance to give talks, lectures and workshops while I travel. I enjoy work and travel lifestyle of a digital nomad; I teach and share my experience whenever and wherever I have a chance.

When it comes to work, I look for interesting projects that will employ my problem solving skills, which I can take from idea to a finished product. If I work with a team, mutually inspiring atmosphere and positive attitude is a priority.

Involved in the product from start to finish*

*Even though I am not necessarily working on every aspect of the project, I give my best to communicate clearly how product comes together to every member of my team.


I am a firm believer in written word when it comes to digital products. If it's not written - It shall not be done!


From pen and paper and wire-frames to clickable demos. Rapid prototyping is a key step.


Regardless of style - primary goal of my design is to solve problems and communicate clearly with the user.


I love hands on research and highly value user feedback when it comes to building a product that just works.

SCRUM / Agile

I prefer working in versatile teams that are able to solve problems quickly and iterate with ease.

Importance of Rapid Prototyping

...and why I love pen and paper approach.

Using only pen and paper, I am able to quickly produce prototypes of features and sometimes of entire product that can be easily tested with users. This approach helps us to identify possible problems in early stage of product development, saving us production time and resources.


From Mock-ups to Pixel Perfect Designs

Test, design, re-test, improve!

Once wireframes are complete, I will use Low Fidelity Mock-ups - an excellent tool for testing various configurations of information architecture and layout, to quickly test usability with team members and users to improve on the experience and usability of the product before designing begins.

Get to know me better

I knew I wanted to be an artist ever since I chewed up my first coloring pencil and ate my first piece of paper. My love for computer graphics started the day I first saw Greg Martins' beautiful space landscapes and got my first computer that could run Photoshop.

My love for computers started with my first Nintendo game, and thanks to my parents who saw my potential, that love grew to become a constant process of learning, exploring and understanding of computer technologies and computer graphics.

I am proud to say that I enjoy my work, and it makes me smile to do so. In business, as in life, I always give my best to push the envelope in everything I do; constantly trying to advance myself in every possible way. It gives me great pleasure every time I have an opportunity to contribute to community.

Out side of work, I've been doing Stand Up Comedy for almost eleven years. If you are in Croatia, you can see me performing across central Europe and regularly in SAX! club Zagreb with LAJNAP comedy group I've co-founded in 2016.

When it's sunny outside, try to catch me on my Suzuki Bandit, while I search for a new great place to grab a bite, or drink some good cup of Coffee.

(Yes, those are real lions:)
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