Tom Kozacinski

I help Tech & Creative companies unlock their full team potential to communicate more effectively and build better services and products.

I help Tech & Creative companies unlock their full team potential to communicate more effectively and build better services and products.


With nearly two decades in business, including experiences as a Product Designer, Techstars Mentor, and Stand Up Comedian, I realized the importance of effective communication and collaboration in driving team success and company growth.

These diverse experiences have equipped me with a unique skill set that I now leverage as a coach for companies, driven by my passion for making a meaningful difference in the way teams work together.
By utilizing my expertise in product design, running a business, along with the communication skills I developed as a stand-up comedian, I aim to help teams improve their collaboration, decision-making, and productivity, ultimately leading to enhanced organizational performance.
As a coach, my goal is to guide and support teams in unlocking their collective potential, fostering a culture of innovation and effective communication.

When working with companies, I offer a personalised approach to help create more cohesive teams, ultimately leading to enhanced organizational performance.

In this interactive workshop, I teach communication strategies from my Product Design and Stand Up Comedy experience.

Funny Business “Communication & Collaboration” dynamic workshop – designed to help companies unlock their full potential by teaching their teams to converse more effectively, improving overall communication and productivity within the organization.

• Building powerful presentations
• Storytelling exercises
• Speaking and presenting
• Engagement and teamwork
• Humour in the workplace

By empowering individuals to communicate better, we foster stronger connections and understanding within the workplace, streamlining processes and driving innovation.


The UX Boot Camp is a one-day workshop specifically for business owners and managers who want to learn about the benefits of UX design and problem-solving. During the workshop, participants will learn how to leverage UX hires to maximize their return on investment.

One of the key skills that attendees will learn is understanding what UX is and the crucial role it can play in a business.

Participants will gain insight and understanding of the UX design process, including defining and researching user needs, creating and testing prototypes, and how common design problems are solved.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for businesses to empower their stakeholders and managers to make informed decisions about UX design hires, and to drive user-centric innovation in their organizations, improve user engagement and satisfaction, and ultimately increase business success. 

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Tomislav Kozacinski • London based Product Designer