Tom Kozacinski

Digital Product Designer

Tom is a Croatia-born, London-based Product Design Consultant, Founder, Speaker, Techstars Mentor and Stand-up Comedian with over 15 years of experience across the digital and organisational landscape.

"I help companies and funded startups build exceptional software products by implementing Design Thinking into their delivery process, cutting down development costs and making their idea come to life."

A lifetime of designing things

My career may have started in print and graphic design industry but in over fifteen years it has expanded from branding, web design, front end development, user experience, interactions and interfaces to sharing my experience and now making ideas come to life as digital products.

Working with me

Since I moved to London, I've started Meridian Collective , a boutique agency for designing and delivering UX, CX and digital products. I work either as a sole contributor or as a part of larger ensemble to achieve clients business objectives.

To learn more about my process and to take a closer look into my portfolio please contact me.
  • Tomislav is a truly talented designer, able to quickly adapt to new technologies, their strengths and challenges. He’s also a great communicator, able to explain his position if necessary. Will refuse to carry out acts of crime against good design practices. Some may see this as a weakness, I loved it.  We worked with him on numerous projects, and regularly turn to Tomislav for assistance in his field of expertise.
    Luka Kladaric, CEO
    Sekura Collective
  • I hired Tom to provide UX support for a greenfield project at VIOOH. He quickly gained the confidence of the team, our customers and my internal stakeholders through a combination of high-quality deliverables and an engaging personality. He delivered an impressive variety of projects including a new on-brand UI concept uniting all of the different apps in the business. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring Tom on board again.
    James Browne, product owner
  • Tomislav was always communicative and acting as a motivator to the team. He was very resourceful, thinking outside of the box and offered a variety of solutions to the many problems we faced.  The dominant trait of Tom’s personality is being a people person which he showed by being generous with feedback and always appreciated difference of opinions. Tom was relentless in guiding the product development in the direction most suited to end-users and their demographic and personality traits.
    Tino Tkalec, software architect
  • Tom helped us with our early product during our time at Techstars, he understood our industry and specific challenges and designed an MVP that we could put in the hands of Michelin Star Chefs, move forward quickly and get early validation and excitement from our future customers.
    Ben King, CEO
    Pesky FIsh

Talks and workshops

Over the last seven years, I've travelled from South Africa to Siberia to deliver numerous talks and workshops on subjects ranging from Customer & User Experience, Product Design and Freelancing.

Coupled with my fifteen years of Stand Up Comedy experience, the reception was overwhelmingly positive and workshops end up educational as well as entertaining.


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Sharing lessons and stories from my experience to help people in their freelance and solopreneur career.

A bit about Tom

My love for computers started with my first Nintendo game (Super Mario bros.), and thanks to my parents who saw my potential, that love grew to become a constant process of learning, exploring and understanding of computers, technology and graphics.
I am proud to say that I enjoy my work, but more than that I love being on stage and doing my comedy as well as sharing my experience and helping others find their path.

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    "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." -- Randy Pausch
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