I'm a hyper-organized artist & a problem solver.

I tell your story. I make your products work.

Also - UX UI designer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Stand Up Comedian, Freelancer, World Traveler, Biker, Gamer, No Bullshit Bro, and some other buzz words as well...

With over 11 years of freelancing experience, I've been involved in all types of projects. Lately I've been working on B2B and SaaS web and mobile apps and managing digital products as a User Experience designer and creative team lead.

Being a freelancer gives me the chance to give talks, lectures and workshops while I travel. I enjoy work and travel lifestyle of a digital nomad; I teach and share my experience whenever and wherever I have a chance.

When it comes to work, I look for interesting projects that will employ my problem solving skills, which I can take from idea to a finished product. If I work with a team, mutually inspiring atmosphere and positive attitude is a priority.

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Freelance Talks Podcast

#nobullshitfreelancer is a video and audio podcast series I've started to share my experience about freelancing and remote career as well as to talk, share and learn more with other professionals.

It's for IT professionals and those looking to migrate from traditional 9-5 job. Updated weekly on iTunes and Youtube. (Series are not family friendly.)

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Keynotes and Workshops

Upcoming talks:


My favourite past talks:

Wordcamp Zagreb 2017. 2.Sep.
"Cheat Sheet for Freelancers"

Dani Komunikacija 2017. 1.Apr.
"Future of work"

Weblica Čakovec 2017. 13.May.
"No Bulls*it freelancer"

Toptal Speakers Conference 2017. 11.Mar.
"Being Funny for Money"

UX South Africa 2016. 10.May.

Webcamp Zagreb 2014.
"Your Designer is not your slut!"

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Freelance talks

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Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.  -- Randy Pausch

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